Customized Flower Pot

Introduction: Customized Flower Pot

You will need for this project:

- Curd case (really don't know how to ssay it)

- Tipex

- Colour markers

- Tissue

Step 1: Typex It!

Choose your design and paint it with tipex :)

I chose some moles and a funny sentence. It's in Spanish and it means : there are silly days and silly (people) every day.

You can go on the web to make some research and choose a cool phrase for you ::)

Well, it's a piece of cake right? just paint it !

Step 2: Colour Up!

Paint with the marker what you painted on tipex. After, take a tissue and scrath it lightly as you can see on the photos to make it a little blurry. That's a cool effect right? :)

Step 3: Final Result

Just need some cactus or plants in and they'll be amazing!

Enjoy your creation and don't forget to water it :D

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