Customizing to Fit Your Device

Introduction: Customizing to Fit Your Device

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Lesson Overview:

Now we're going to adapt the shape to your device!

Step 1: Measure Your Device

To create an input for your device, we must measure it. This input is the slot that your device will rest in while amplifying your music.

Let's get started!


  1. Use a metric ruler or calipers to measure the width and depth of your device. For example, iPhone 4s is 10mm thick and 60mm wide.
  2. Continue to the next step.
  3. Stuck?


You can find the dimensions of most devices by searching online.

Step 2: Create a Box

A box based on the measurements for your device will be used to fit your device into the amplifier.


  1. Drag a box to the workplane.
  2. Make the box slightly thicker than your device and longer than your cylinder.
  3. Continue to the next step.

Step 3: Align the Box

Aligning the box to the cylinder will allow us to fit the device into the amplifier. This box will eventually turn int the hole where you will insert your mobile device into the amplifier.


  1. Rotate the box 45 degrees so that it is parallel to the opening of the amplifier.
  2. Move the box so that it intersects the amplifier close to the solid end.
  3. Continue to the next step.

Step 4: Make the Hole

By turning the box into a hole, we will have a perfectly sized place to rest your device in the amplifier.


  1. Select the port box and turn it into a hole.
  2. Select all portions of the amplifier and group them to subtract the port.
  3. Continue to the next lesson.

In the next lesson you will learn to customize your design!

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