Introduction: Cut Glass Cigar Ashtray

Create your own cigar ashtray using cut bottles.

Step 1: Organize and Reuse Left Over Bottles

Get the clutter out of your life by reusing and organizing some of the bottles that have accumulated over the winter.

Step 2: Select Your Bottles

Select your bottle. You can use any bottle from wine bottles, whiskey bottles and Coke bottle.

Step 3: Items You Will Need

For this Instructable you will need:

1. a tile saw.
2. A Dremel tool.
3. Measuring tape or a ruler.
4. Safety glasses.
5. Leather gloves.
6. And of course a bottle, which you probably have already selected.

Step 4: Measuring to Find the Center

Using a ruler or tape measure find the centerline of the bottle. Some bottles already have a distinct line where two halves have been joined in order to form the bottle.

Now that you have found the center you must measure properly in order to place the tile saw blade in the proper position.

For this portion of the Instructables I will be using a bottle shaped like a gun. This bottle is a collectible tequila bottle but you can use any decorative bottle or wine bottle of your choice

Step 5: Cutting

Before cutting your bottle make sure to be wearing safety goggles or glasses, and gloves.

Cut slowly, going to fast could cause chipping or cracking.

If done properly you will wind up with two halves.

Step 6: Inspecting

Now that you have to halves , inspect the bottles for any cracks that may cause the bottle to break.

Step 7: Remove the Rough Edges

If there are no cracks .

Using your Dremel tool with a stone attachment and remove all the sharp and rough edges as shown. You don't have to spend too much time just enough to remove all the sharp edges.

Pay special attention to the neck of the bottle this is where you'll be placing your cigar. Any sharp edges could cut the leaf or wrap.

Step 8: Stop the Rolling

For some bottles you may have to attach rubber feet. This will prevent the bottles from rolling or sliding off your countertop. Wine bottles are round and they tend to roll. I personally prefer to use whiskey bottles that are flat like Jack Daniels or in this case Angels Envy.

Step 9: Get Creative

Here are the results of the two bottles I used in this Instructable.

As you can see shapes of the bottles can change the look and feel.

Step 10: Enjoy!

Now that you have your ashtray what better than a glass of whiskey, and a great handrolled cigar.

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