Cut Up T-Shirt: 3 Columns on Back With Weaving and Bows




Introduction: Cut Up T-Shirt: 3 Columns on Back With Weaving and Bows

In this video, I show you guys how to cut three columns in the back of the t-shirt - two narrow ones on the side and one wide in the middle. You can choose to leave them as horizontal strips, weave all of them, or tie the middle strip into bows!

View photos of each step on Flickr!

Step 1: Cut off the neckline to your liking

Step 2: Plan out how wide you want each column

Step 3: Cut the two narrow columns on each side

Step 4: Braid the two narrow columns using this tutorial ->

Step 5: Cut the wide column in the middle

Step 6: Your choice to customize the middle column. You could weave it or use another idea but I tied 3 strings together to make a "bow" look. I created strings from the bottom hem that I cut off in the beginning.

Step 7: Optional, but I cut off the first four strings to get rid of the logo and create a lower back


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