Introduction: Cut Up Tank Top: Twist Weave/laddering in Wide Blocks

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Redesign a tank top (or t-shirt) with scissors. No sewing involved. Cut slits in the tank top in back and front and then weave the strips together with a twist weave / laddering. The back side weave has wide strips.

I made it at TechShop San Jose. They have an adjustable mannequin dress form so it's easy to see how the top looks without trying it on.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

1. Cotton tank top (or t-shirt)
2. Scissors
3. Adjustable mannequin dress form (optional)
4. Measuring tape (if you need to get body dimensions to use on mannequin)

Step 2: Fitting the Mannequin

If you don't have a mannequin, skip this step.

Adjust the mannequin according to desired body dimensions for bust, waist and hips. If you don't know the dimensions, then measure yourself or the person who the clothing is for. Squeeze and turn the knob on the mannequin to the change it to the desired setting. Do this all the way around (front, back, sides).

Slip the tank top or t-shirt over the mannequin and check the fit.

Step 3: Cutting It Up

Cut off the seams: collar, bottom, arms. We are going to stretch the fabric and the seams may break anyway.

Refold the tank so the side seams are on top of one another. Cut into the back side of the tank from the edge of the fold. Alternate between long and short cuts (about 4 inches and 2 inches on my shirt). You can always cut more later if it's too short. Space the long and short cuts about 1/2 inch apart.

Stretch the top and the cut edge will roll up. This will hide your imperfect lines. Slip the tank top on the mannequin to check if the slits need adjustment.

Step 4: Do the Twist

Now we twist and weave the strips we've created.

Take the top/first piece and twist the middle part on your finger so you get a loop. Pull the next second piece through the loop, from the bottom up. Now twist the second piece the same direction you twisted the first. Pull the third piece through this loop, and so forth. Repeat with all the strips until you get to the bottom.

To secure the last piece at the bottom, cut it in the middle so you have two ends. Pull one end through the last loop and tie it to the other end with a double knot.

You can also do this weave starting from the bottom piece first and weaving up to the top but the top will be looser because it doesn't have the twist.

Step 5: Cut and Weave the Front

Take the front of the tank top and cut slits near the top. Make wide slits at the top and each one below it progressively shorter. Here I have 5 slits.

Stretch the fabric to make the strips more stringy and roll up the edges.

Do the same twist weave we did on the back. Weave from the top piece going down. Cut the last piece in the middle to form two strings. Cut a small hole under the last slit and double knot the two strings through it to secure the weave.