Introduction: Cute Branch to Hang Things On

have you ever just wanted to make a cute Diy that is easy and just makes your room look good? well i have been looking for so long because my room is so empty and need something to spice it up but one time i thought huh ? how can i use a tree branch to make something cool ? and this idea popped in my head and i was like yes i going to do this so let me show you this really cool project i made. and i am really sorry for bad lightning


  • yarn ( about 1 foot long)
  • scissors
  • tree branch ( i found one in the back yard)
  • some cute wooden shapes that you can hang
  • paint ( optional)

Step 1: Step #1:

cut your yarn (2 about a foot pieces ) and tie the piece and one end of your branch

Step 2: Step #2:

insert all your wooden pieces in and tie the other piece of yarn to the other end.

Step 3: And Voila You Just Made a Cute Decoration

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