Cute Platypus Yarn Teddy

Introduction: Cute Platypus Yarn Teddy

This is a very easy and cute yarn platypus, it is easy to make and to play with.


What you will need for this :

Blue yarn

Orange yarn



Black thread

Yarn needle

Yarn hook

Step 1: The Body

For the body you will make a ball with your dark blue yarn and stuff it with any kind of stuffings you have at home.

Step 2: The Face

The second step to making this platypus is to add the face, for this you will use your orange or yellow yarn to make a circle, you will then use your yarn needle to sew it onto the body and then you will use your black yarn for the eyes.

Step 3: The Tail

The third step to making this cute platypus is to make the tail. To make the tail you will need your orange thread and use your yarn hook to make the tail, then you will use your yarn needle to sew your tail to the body .

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    2 years ago

    wish i had one good job sister!!!