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Introduction: Cute Polymer Clay Cactus

I found some extremely tiny flower pots at a tourist spot in Virginia that sold TONS of pottery, and it inspired me to make this. This flower pot is about 3 inches tall, and I think it was about 25 cents, Micheals sells 2 inch pots for 50 cents if you can't find any cheaper ones.
I used polymer clay, two little black glass beads, and a ball of tin foil about the size of a small fist.
I shoved the tin foil in the pot and flattened it down so i wouldnt waste clay, and then I covered it with a thin layer of brown clay, for the dirt.
The rest is pretty easy, make a thick cylinder and round off the top, add some glass beads and a mouth. Add some arms that are smaller cylinders bent in half. Take some little spikes with translucent polymer clay wherever you want (you should probably add more than I did)
Attach the cactus to the tinfoil by shoving a toothpick half way into the cactus then poking it down through the tin foil and the "dirt". Remove the tinfoil and cactus from the pot and DO NOT bake the pot, after it is baked and cooled just glue it in so it stays put, and your done(: 

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