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Introduction: Cute Polymer Clay Flower

This is just a cute little polymer clay flower I made with some of the tiniest pots i'v ever seen. I got the pots from this dinky little tourist spot in Virginia that sold TONS of pottery, they were 10 cents each (Micheals sells them for 50)This pot is about 3 inches tall, the other ones were two, so this a very large flower, make the proportions smaller if you need to.
I used a really flat piece of brown clay on top of some tin foil (so I didnt waste clay) for the dirt, then I wrapped a sheet of green around two tooth picks (because one was too short) for the stem, the tooth picks are to add support to it so it doesnt fall over while you make it.
Take a big ball of yellow clay and flatten it out so it looks like the pollen spot, and add glass beads (do NOT use plastic beads, they melt and might even catch on fire, and they are about the worst smelling thing ever when they burn) the beads are for eyes, you can make what ever kind of crazy face you want. (I made one that looks surprised and it had a little bee on its face:)
make some balls of red, they should be oddly sized because when the petals differ in size it makes it look better in my opinion.
Flatten them out a bit and use two fingers to press them firmly on to the yellow disc, kind of pinch them so they get the shape of a hersheys kiss kind of.
Add some leaves as arms and maybe even make a little spider or insect crawling on it, and your ready to bake!
Most polymer clays bake for 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch in thickness, at 275 degrees, DO NOT BAKE THE POT, don't do it, make your dirt and flower removeable, I made mine in 3 seperate pieces, and just glue it in after its baked.
Thats it! I hope this wasn't too long of an explanation but apparently my other one wasn't long enough ( it was one sentence)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, I love the little spider, that's a nice touch.