Introduction: Cute Realistic Turkey Cake Pops

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Those cute turkey cake pops are a sweet addition to your Thanksgiving dinner or as party favors to your hosts, and are pretty fun& easy to make in just a few steps. When you look at the close up shots you may think they are real size turkeys, but take a closer look in the photo where the turkey buster is to get an idea of their true scale... :)

Step 1: Preperations

All you need to get started are cake pops of your choice, I chose lemon flavored cake pops, they are going to be coated with strawberry frosting, but you may choose other flavors such as pumpkin with caramel frosting etc.

Then, prepare your fondant:

  1. For the "bone"- mix a drop of ivory gel paste food coloring, (I used Wilton) with a ball of fondant, knead until evenly colored, then add 1/2 a pinch of Tylose powder to the fondant and knead. the Tylose helps the fondant to dry faster and stiffer. Other option, is to use gumpaste, colored with a drop of ivory gel paste.
  2. For the "Skin" - mix a drop of brown gel paste with a drop of copper gel paste (I used Wilton for both colors) with a larger ball of fondant, knead until evenly colored.

Step 2: Shaping the Bones

We're going to start with shaping the bones few hours ahead, because those require a dry time of at least 4 hours. Use the "bone" fondant, roll it into a thin "snake", about 1/16" (0.75cm), cut into 1.125" segments (2.85cm), each segment will be shaped into a bone.

take one end of the segment, push the material towards its end, creating a truncated cone shape, then, using a small ball tool create a little dent, right in the center, as shown in the photo.

Now, we're going to use the Dresden tool to create 4 dents on each quarter of the cone, we are trying to give it the shape of a joint.

Repeat the process for the number of turkeys you're about to make, just a reminder: each turkey has two drum sticks :)

Allow to dry for about 4 hours, until firm.

Step 3: Shaping the "drum Sticks" and the Wings

Roll each bone with a piece of "Skin" fondant, you may need a little "glue" (=50%corn syrup+50% water, or using a ready made piping gel, or make a gum glue by mixing tylose powder with a small amount of water).

Let the bone pop out of the skin, about 3/8".

Round its end (the one opposite to the bone), flat it a little bit. repeat for all the drum sticks, make sure you have them in pairs.

to shape the wings, roll a thin snake of "skin" fondant, about 2.5" long, the ends suppose to be tapered. cut the snake in the middle dividing it into two wings.

Using the Dresden tool, make a dent, allowing the wing to bend a little bit (like a wide "V" shape).

Again, make sure you have them in pairs.

Let dry for 10-15 min.

Step 4: Shaping the Turkey's Body

Before you start this stage, take the time to coat the cake pops with your chosen flavor of frosting.

Take a ball of "Skin" fondant , roll it into a 1/8" thick circle (kind of...).

Then cover the cake pop, make sure it sticks to the frosting coat, incorporate the ends towards the bottom, making it as seamless as you can.

Then gently push the cake pop using your palms, just a little bit, giving it a shape of a heart like, one end (the turkey's breast) has to be wider then the other side (where you stuff the filling...)

Use a Dresden tool to make a longitudinal dent, (sort of a symmetric pivot of the bird), make it deeper toward the ends where the neck and tail are missing....

Step 5: Attaching the Legs and Wings, Adding Texture

Now, it's time to attach the drum sticks and wings to each side of the bird's body.

Use a little glue to ensure it's going to well attach.

(Reminder: "glue"=50%corn syrup+50% water, or using a ready made piping gel, or make a gum glue by mixing tylose powder with a small amount of water).

Let dry a little bit, before adding the texture, you don't want any shifting body parts :)

Using a Dresden tool, or even a toothpick, poke tiny holes, creating the impression of a skin bumps.

Step 6: Painting the Turkey, Creating a Realistic Glazed Finish

Mix together a drop of brown gel paste with a drop of copper gel paste, thin the mixture using some Vodka or lemon extract (the alcohol vaporizes faster).

Using an artist flat paint brush add the color mix to the turkey, first cover it with even coat of color, then, deep the brush in the color mixture and with some rough strokes, add the impression of glazing especially around the beast, drums and wings, allowing it to drip toward the bone, emphasizing the central dent.

The color will pop out the texture of the skin bumps, making it look more realistic.

You can add some extra sheen by brushing some corn syrup on top, but it's not necessary at all, I didn't.

Let dry, and add more coat if needed.

Step 7: Enjoy!

You can either use a clear gift bag with matching ribbon with a tiny greeting card if used as party favors or just serve it as is!

Your guests/hosts will love it!!!! I promise :)

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