Introduction: Cutting and Serving Board

My daughter asked me if I could make a cutting and serving board for her friend. I went to my friend Zupan Boris for instructions. She is engaged in wood processing and makes really wonderful products. He explained to me in detail how to make a board. He also gave me the necessary material. When I looked at the piece of wood, it was nothing special. Many times such parts are destroyed, but we can do something beautiful.


1.Part of a chestnut trunk

2. Resin hardener and catalyst

3.Crushed glass from bottles

4. Metal handles

5.4 piece of wood screws for attaching the handles



2.Electric shape

3. Electric level grinder

4. Wood cutter

5. Chisel

6. Plastic gun

7. A pen for writing on wood

8.Gas burner

9. Base board

10. Water scale



13. Chalk

14. Sandpaper gr 80


1. I put a part of the trunk in the workbench

2. I marked the area to be covered with chalk

3. I removed the crack in which there was bad unusable material with a chisel and an electric grinder.

4. I leveled the top surface

5. I turned the trunk, fixed it and leveled another surface

6. I sanded both surfaces

7. With a gas burner, I highlighted the years of growth of the trunk

8. I broke the bottle into small pieces. I used pieces of glass instead of pigment. This also uses less resin, and we do not need pigment.

9. I placed the cutting board on a smooth surface.

10.I sealed the bottom surface with a plastic gun to keep the resin from leaking out.

11. I leveled the board with a spirit level.

12. I prepared the resin according to the manufacturer's instructions. I weighed all the ingredients.

13.First I poured a little resin into the crack. Then I added glass. Then I filled the crack to the top with resin.

14. the next day I sanded both surfaces.

15. I wrote the dedication and the date with a wood pen.

16. I coated the whole board twice with oil suitable for food.

17. I also fastened the handles with screws.

Step 4: USE

This is what using a board looks like.


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