Introduction: Cuztomize Your USB/Flashdrive

When you buy a USB, don't you think others has the same? If so, try to personalize it with this instructable!

Step 1: Take Out the Flashdrive

If your Flashdrive has a rubber casing, pull it off. If it has a hard case, squeeze the casing with pliers until there is a hole on top.

Step 2: Styrofoam

The USB should look like this. Take your styrofoam.

Step 3: Measuring

Measure your desired size or shape as long as the USB fits in it. Make also for a cover. Just make sure you cut it neatly.

Step 4: Scrape

Using a small knife or a sharp stick, scrape a deep hole in the foam. Make sure to fit the USB constantly to get the exact deepness, width and height. Do the same with the cover.

Step 5: Transfer

Place the USB in.

NOTE: Wrap a layer of masking tape on the body and the bottom. Don't cover the part you'll plug.

Step 6: Personalize

Personalize it! Place construction papers around it. Paint it. Color it! Do anything with it! THERE! Your new USB.

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