Cyborg Zombie DODO Case - VR Night

Introduction: Cyborg Zombie DODO Case - VR Night

Even Zombies are being connected to technology.

Step 1: Drawing Phase

Gather your coloring material of choice. Crayons, markers, watercolors, whatever you like to color with. I used a pencil to lightly sketch out the design and determined where the camera would show up. Using an exacto-knife, I cut out a hole, then cut out the rectangular cover.

Step 2: Coloring Phase

After drawing my Cyborg Zombie design with a regular pencil, I set to coloring it using color pencils. The original sketch was very light so I didn't need to worry about erasing any lines after coloring it.

In this photo you can see the DODO case and the phone I used for reference.

Step 3: Cyborg Complete

Using some Elmer's glue, I took the design and pasted it along the DODO case. The hole in the 'Cyborg' eye allows the camera to continue to function.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Ha ha, cool!

    One of the more original dodo case mods I've seen. Nice work!