Introduction: Intro :Video

Step 1: CycOla: BOLT-IoT Project

CycOla as the name suggests is a hired cycle service that operates at an institutional level. It relieves the inhabitants from an unexpected cycle failure and thus helps them to perform their task quickly. It has a chain of outlets each having a number of cycles , ready to serve the community. The junta can easily book cycles using their RFid enabled id card and enjoy the uninterrupted services of CycOla at cheap rates. The community can also check the availability of the number of cycles in their nearby area making their life more simple.

Step 2: Getting the !dea....

Earthquake, Climate and cycle damage are unpredictable at IIT-G. Dependency of a student on his cycle has many at times resulted into fatal outcomes likes reaching late to classes, quizzes etc.Moreover, many cycles are left abandoned in the campus which have the caliber to be put into use after a minimal denting and painting.

Step 3: The Entire Plot:

We believed that only a few drops of water won't quench the thirst of the entire community. So we came up with an idea of many such cycles that that would be sufficient to meet the needs of the people. Each of the hostel will have its own booth and each booth will have 8 to 10 cycles that will serve the people. Each booth will have an Atmega 328P microcontroller (our very own Arduino), RFid card Readers and a BOLT development board.

Whenever an individual wants to hire a cycle, he or she can easily swipe his/her id-card and one cycle will be issued in his/her name untill the person parks it back into the booth. He/ She can thus be charged at the end of each semester for the time he/she has hired the cycle.

Step 4: Components Required:

Step 5: Integrating RF-id Card Reader(MFRC 522) and Arduino

The RF-id card read by the reader will then send the data to the microcontroller(Arduino).The two devices were made to communicate with each other with the help of a SPI interface(MISO and MOSI).

Step 6: Connecting Arduino and BOLT

Now the roll number data collected by Arduino was sent to the BOLT with the help of a Serial bus. Bolt further Uploads the data onto the internet and thus the data can be accessed by anywhere inside the campus.

Step 7: The Million Dollar Code