Introduction: Cylinder Shaped Leather Bag

I don´t have that much leather tools but still enough to have them messed up in my tool case. I figured out that something have to do. I decided to make cylinder shaped leather bag for my hole punches.


- leather, I used 1,8 mm thick veg tanned leather( leftover from knife sheath projects.)

- metal zipper

- waxed thread for leather

- leather balsam


- knife

- ruler

- glue

- stiching punch tools

- hole punch

- needles

- stamping tool

Step 1: Cutting

Cut rectangle and two round blocks. Use template or draw measurements on the leather. measure twice and cut once. (My measurements 23 cm x 12 cm)

Cut hole for zipper. I punched round edges at the end.

Step 2: Preparations

Stamping logo: Moisten leather and stamp logo on it. I used wax stamp and vise to add some pressure. Few minutes and its done.

Dye: If you are going to dye your leather, then this is good time to do it. I wanted my leather to be natural this time. Sunlight, age and dirty hands will do the patina

Edge burnish: Burnish edges with wood block or use rotary tool and suitable burnisher for it. In my project I used beeswax and oak block for burnishing.

Leather glue: Glueing zipper in place helps you sewing because you won´t have to worry about zipper not lining up correctly.

Prepare leather for sewing: Mark guideline for holes. I used ruler and draw slight mark on the leather with needle. Punch holes

Step 3: Put All Together

Prepare 1 thread with 2 needles.

First sew zipper with saddle stitch. Secure with back stitches at the end.

After the zipper is done bend leather and join edges. Baseball stitch is very decorative stitch to join edges. I secured sewing with two knots

Sew top and bottom. I used saddle stitch wich is very strong and also beautiful if it runs straight and consistent. Make sure that you pull thread tight enough. Finish with back stitches.

Finished with leather balsam and its done.

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