Introduction: Cyrano De Bergerac Pen

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Be careful if you attempt to make one of these, it could easily end up looking like something other than a caricature of a big nosed aristo'!

With that said, it's an easy make, and a good talking point

Step 1: Gather Your Stone

Well you don't have to have stone, as anything you can carve, sculpt, or otherwise shape will do

I opted for a piece of chalk from a local beach - it's easy to carve, and I'm no stone mason!

Look for something that is close to the desired shape - I was very luck in that respect, but it did take some time to find it.

Step 2: Shape the Pen Body

I think we all have a good idea of what this should look like (no sniggering at the back!)

Use tools appropriate to your material. For my chalk, I was able to use a small power wood carver, and some plain carving gouges and coarse sand paper

Step 3: Size a Pen Cartridge

Salvage a pen cartridge and find a drill bit of the same diameter

Drill as deep as possible into the pen body

Insert the cartridge, nib first, and snip off the excess, leaving as much as you would like the nib to stick out

Step 4: Install the Cartridge

Push some 'No Nails' or epoxy into the pen's hole

Insert the cartridge, nib pointing out this time, and push right home. The adhesive will be forced around the cartridge and hold it tightly

Wait for the adhesive to cure

Step 5: Try It Out!

You're Cyrano de Bergerac pen is done!

Now offer it to your workmates when they ask to borrow a pen, or gift it to a maiden aunt

Thanks for reading my Instructable. I hope you enjoyed it.