DC Generator

Introduction: DC Generator

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DC generator is a great project for not only kids but also school student. This project can help to understand relation between motor and generator. In this project I am going to make a emergency chargable torch using some general components. So lats start.....

Step 1: Hardware Required

1. Dc geared motor (Less then 300 RPM)

2. Universal PCB

3. Diode 4004...... 4 pcs

4. PCB Screw Terminal...... 3 Pcs

5. 1000 uf capacitor .......1 pc

6. 4 volt battery

7. Switch

8. Led panel

9. Wooden Board (for base)

10. Some wires

11. Handle for Motor

Step 2: Circuit Connection

connect the circuit as shown in image and video.

Step 3: Enjoy

watch my youtube video for more information.

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