DHT11 Sensor With E-Ink Display Module

Introduction: DHT11 Sensor With E-Ink Display Module

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Quickly and easily display your air’s temperature and humidity with a DHT11 sensor, an E-ink display module, and an Arduino Uno. This method will have an update on a 5-second loop so you get updated results continuously. Once you unplug the module, the last update will remain on the screen until you change the code or re-plug the display so it can update again (everlasting e-ink!)

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What you’ll need



Step 1: Hook-up the DHT11 and E-Ink Display to the Arduino

You can see in the picture above the E-Ink display module's pinout. Here are the connections you should make:

DHT11 > Arduino Uno

VCC > 3.3V

Data > A0


E-Ink Display > Arduino Uno

GND > GND (either is fine)

SDA > D11

SCL > D13

CS1 > D6

D/C > D5

3.3V > 5V

BS1 > D8

BU/Busy > D7


Step 2: Run the Example Code

Now that we're set up, let's run the example code you can get here. Remember to select the right PORT and BOARD in the tools tab.

E ink display library

Step 3: Read the Output

After you upload the code you'll be able to see the data come up on the E-Ink display module and reset every 5-seconds while powered up. You can remove the power and retain whatever the last update showed for as long as you like!

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