DIY $5 Camera LCD Screen Hood & 3X Magnifier

Introduction: DIY $5 Camera LCD Screen Hood & 3X Magnifier

when filming outdoors in bright light, my eyesight is not sufficient to see the display icons clearly.
I thought about buying a screen hood, but since I enjoy making stuff, I decided to make my own. With the help of some scrap material and $5, I made an LCD screen that includes a 3 x power magnifier which enhances my vision tremendously.It also looks pretty cool.
The assembly is simple and straightforward. It takes less than an hour to construct.
The tools I used are simple, just a straight edge, a glue gun, scissors and a razor.
The LCD Hood magnifier parts I used are:
1. Coroplast, which is corrugated plastic used in road signs and available at many hardware stores and even on eBay. It comes in many colors. You can use heavy cardboard if no Coroplast is available.
2. 4 brass paper fasteners
3. a couple feet of elastic string
4. a small strip of 1/8 inch foam padding
5. a magnifier made by Itoya
The height and width of the hood is determined by the LCD screens dimensions. Mine were 3 inches by 1 and 7/8 inches.
The length of the hood depends on the best distance for the user to see the screen using the magnifier. Find the optimum focal distance for your eyes and add about a half an inch. Cut a slot on top of your hood at the distance you determined to be best for your magnifier to slide in and out. I trimmed my magnifier on the edges to fit.
I recommend the Itoya magnifier,
I looked at 4 different rectangular lens, and the Itoya was the best. They are available on ebay and Amazon for about $5.
The Vixia controls are accessed via the LCD screen using a finger, so I added a slot in the bottom of my hood for my finger to control the cameras functions.
When you are done, you will be able to see the camera control icons on your LCD screen, regardless of the brightness of day, and not have to worry about forgetting your glasses.

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