Introduction: DIY 5 Point Wire 3D STAR

I thought I would share the instructions of the star I made, out of wire (coat hanger wire), after I couldn't find any patterns or pictures while searching online anywhere.
So, after I played around with a couple of coat hangers, I finally came up with this shape. It was just what I was looking for. You might even come up with a better way or shape, if you decide to try and do one, and if you do, please post some pics for me.
Well here we go, just remember, this is my first instructable, so don't judge me to harshly.


You'll need:
5 wire coat hangers
Tape (for wrapping the star's corners together)
A pair of pliers (if your hands aren't strong enough to bend and twist the wire)
That's it, of course you can decorate it when you're done arranging the star any way you see fit. My first star will be papermached,with some LED lights. My second star will be beaded and wrapped in a coating of stain glass paint/glue mixture, when it dries, it makes a stretchy kind of plastic, that I'll glue on the star and put LED lights on inside it (for when it's dark, won't need anything during the day, as the sun light will bleed through the mixture, casting off whatever colors you used-like a stained glass window).

Step 1:

Step 2: Bending the Hangers.

Take each of the wire hangers and fold each one in half.

Hold the hanger up front of you, putting one hand on one corner and the other hand on the other corner, bending the corners toward each other until they touch, (bend it all the way to where the corners touch each other, then open it back up half way to make the boomerang shape-this helps give the star sharper points), the hook end should be on the same side as where the fold/bend is, should resemble a boomerang.

Use your pliers to twist the hook,so the open part of the loop is on the bottom, like in the picture.

Step 3: Alignment

Now, align each of the folded (boomerang looking) wire pieces so that each corner is touching the next piece's corner, the hook ends should be positioned towards the middle (looping the hooks together), until you've formed the star shape pattern.
Then tape all the hooks together and each of the 10 corners together, should now have 5 taped up corners.

(Instead of using tape to bind the pieces together, you can use wire, glue, soldier or weld the pieces together) I used tape because it would be covered up in the end result anyways.

Step 4: Solid Piece

You should now have a one solid piece star!
Now you can decide how you want to decorate your star. You can bead it with jewelry beads, ribbons, papermache, glue fake or dried flowers/twigs etc or just wrap LED lights around it, the possibilities are endless. As you can see in the pictures, I started to fold chicken wire around the star's legs, and it really looks great, I'm still deciding if I want to finish it by threading beads on it or gluing grapevine twigs or both? UGH DECISION-MAKING is my downfall in actually finishing a project-and I have so many many unfinished projects!
I hope I wasn't to confusing for you.

Step 5: