Introduction: D.I.Y. 8-Bit Valentine's Day Card

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Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

Tape (clear packing tape works best)
Glue stick (or adhesive roller)
Red construction paper (about 3 sheets)

DON'T FORGET: A recordable audio greeting card

The links below provide the sound effect and the image (you will need them later on).

Step 2: Adding the Sound Effect & Cutting

Using the link in the first part of this instructable and the record button in the recordable card, record the sound effect from your computer. Be sure to turn the volume up on your computer, so that when you record the noise coming from your computer it is loud enough.

Now cut most of the front of the card off (up until the white noise activator, be sure not to cut off the noise activator).

Print out the 8-bit heart from the link (found on the first part of this instructable). You may need to scale the image before printing so that its height and width is about the same as the card (when closed).

Glue the paper you printed to the cardboard (or you can use an adhesive roller). Cut the heart out (you should be cutting through the card board too, because you had glued them together or used the adhesive roller).

Next, cut 2 pieces of red paper (that is the same size of the card when closed).

Also cut a piece of red paper that is the same size as the 8-bit heart.

Lastly, cut red 2 strips of paper the size of the little front flap of the card (the front flap you cut).

Step 3: Gluing

Glue the 2 thin strips of paper to both sides of the front flap. Also glue the red papers (the ones the size of the card when closed) to the front and back of the card. This way the whole card is covered in red paper.

Next, glue the piece that is the size of the heart to the cardboard side of the other heart (the one from step 1).

Step 4: Assembly

Put piece of tape to attach upper parts of the heart to the little flap of the card. Now the card should be one piece, able to open and close. Finally, add a message to the card.

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