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Introduction: DIY 8 Bit Wall Art

About: I'm Jamie and welcome to my chaos! I am a SuperHero addict and lover of food and DIY. You will often find me behind a camera snapping photos of things I love.

This 8 Bit Wall art project is super easy and you can turn any of your favorite characters into a fun piece of art! This week I made a Pac-Man Ghost as well as my all time favorite, Bobba Fett. I have even made the process easier by creating a few templates to follow that you can find here.

Step 1: Layout

Once you have your design idea in mind, it is a matter of painting and glueing all of the blocks together. Once dry, use a sawtooth hook on the back so that you can mount it to the wall!

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    6 years ago

    Hey I watch your channel on YouTube!! You do a great job and welcome to instruckables!