Introduction: DIY Affordable Bed, Closet and Desk

I built the bed and desk-part a while ago, but only recently added the clothes and shoe rack. Apart from my desk chair it is now the only piece of furniture in my room, making the space seem larger and brighter. Building it took a while, but I was working alone and with very few power tools. I will try to explain how I made this useful construction using pictures and drawings, hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Building the Frame

For the main construction, I used large planks often seen in construction. This was to ensure the stability as it was a test construction.

As you can see, the idea is quite simple; I first attached the six planks that support the bed to three horizontal planks using screws and bolts, making sure everything is levelled nice and even, and that the gap between two vertical planks is equal to the width of the bed. On top of those three first weird U-shaped paws (visible in the drawing) I screwed a plank equal in length to the bed.This leaves us with the frame, as visible in the 3D-drawing I made.

Step 2: Making the Desk

To make the desk, you simply need to attach a large plate of wood (in my case OSB) to the planks sticking out of the side of the frame.

Step 3: Making the Clothes Rack and Shoe Rack

Make the clothes rack by fitting a sturdy wooden or metal dowel between two of the vertical planks of the frame that are sticking up. I pre-drilled a hole in the plank as well as in the dowel, to make sure the screw went in as straight as possible. Look at the drawing for a visual clarification.

I made the shoe rack using leftovers of the same dowel. I drilled holes in the dowel as well as in the plank attached to the frame (attached in the next step) and connected the two using wooden pegs.

Step 4: Attaching an Extra Level of Storage

This step is optional. I added it because I made my bed very high, and I sometimes found it difficult to get up to it when being very tired. To build this extra level of storage that doubles as a little stairway, you just need to attach two horizontal planks to the frame and place a few plates of OSB on top of those. Make sure these plates have the appropriate thickness!

Step 5: (optional!) Add the Lamp

Having a desk well-lit at all times can be a real challenge. That is why I attached a very straightforward desk lamp, that also serves as a reading light.

To make this lamp, attach a piece of wooden dowel in the same way you attached the clothing rack, drill a hole through the end of the dowel and through the plank holding the dowel in place, a little above the dowel.
Afterwards, feed the cable through both the holes, and run the cable down the vertical plank.

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