Introduction: DIY Arcade Bar Top Cabinet

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This project is a bit different than the others because it is not all done out for you, the reason being is that depending on what type of tube television you have it would alter the size and shape of the wood. So I’ll give you an approximate step by step for the wood aspect but other than that you need not worry.


1. I used some 2x4 planks but you can use what ever you need
2. An Atari 2600
3. A tube television
4. Some nails or screws + hammer or electric screwdriver

5. Led light strips
6. Some large tack
7. Paint+paint brush

Step 1: Putting Together the Wood

1. You will need to measure your chosen television and Atari console
2. Cut the wood and leave about an inch or two on every side of the Atari/television
3. Make a box around the tv and leave enough wiggle room so you can pop it out but not enough for it to slide out
4. Mount the tv on 2 pieces of wood like in the picture below at a 45 degrees angle so the screen is facing up
5. Get a piece of wood for the “dashboard” that is the same width of the box around the tv and put the Atari under it while still leaving the cartridge port and the switches exposed
6. Put the other side panel on and nail/screw it shut
7. At this point there is no back panel get a power outlet strip and plug the tv and Atari just to make sure everything is functional.

Step 2: Optional

1. Paint it with a brush and acrylic paint
2.Tack the light strips onto the sides of the cabinet

Note: the light strip I had was very bright so I just put one

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