DIY Arduino Scrolling LCD Text Shield




Introduction: DIY Arduino Scrolling LCD Text Shield

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This project is an upgrade on my "DIY Arduino LCD shield" go check out how to make it on my channel!

In this project I’m going to use an Arduino Uno to scroll some text on a 16×2 character LCD which is controlled with a pair of pushbuttons. The project can easily be extended to do more, like add to more pushbuttons to go up, down, left and right maybe.


Arduino Uno

16×2 LCD

Arduino UNO prototyping PCB

10K potentiometer

2x pushbuttons

3/5mm LED

2x 10kΩ resistors

2x 220Ω resistors

jumper wires (male-male)

Step 1: Soldier the Parts

The wiring for the LCD is pretty standard, the same you can find in many project using an LCD.

Step 2: The Sketch

Upload the sketch and edit it the way you want it and what you want to be written on the LCD

please check out my other projects :)

If you have made this please comment and send a photo it will mean a lot for me!

Thanks for watching :)

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    Fission Chips

    Awesome project! Good job being a young maker who is actually smart. I am too! Just my two cents: You might want to correct the text on step to from 'Soldier' to 'Solder'.