DIY Awesome Covid 19 Mobile App - FOR FREE!!!

Introduction: DIY Awesome Covid 19 Mobile App - FOR FREE!!!

Hi! - Why not build your own awesome MOBILE APP?

You don't need to have any coding experience at all and your app is ready in a few hours :)

In this tutorial we use:

- Creative Minds

- All software is FREE!

- APP Inventor 2 from M.I.T. (

- Android mobiles or Tablet's

- Examples you can rebuild yourself. (ReMake)

- Online resources, so you can create beautiful apps

- Illustrations rather than long lines of texts.


1. Access to App Inventor website: (Free)

2. An android mobile or an emulator (emulator:

3. Icons from (Free)

4. Internet access!

Step 1: Find Covid Data to Show in Our App

Our application does a wrap of an awesome webpage:

We add 2 buttons to do direct navigation to global status and Regions.

This Is just a simple app to get you started coding yourself! :)

Step 2: Initiate and Connect Mobile

1. Goto create a free user or login if you already have one.

2. Install "MIT AI2 Companion" on your mobile phone and start it.

You will need the following to complete the app:

1. Link to "HomeURL" and "BtnAll":

2. Link to "BtnRegions":

3. Link to "Icon":

Step 3: Programming the Awsome App

Now follow the instructions in the video!

See the picture of blocks to get an idea of what you need to build.

Need help? Just write a comment.

When the app is ready go to Step 4 and download the finished app to your Mobile

Step 4: Make It Real on Your Phone

In App Inventor:

1. Open Build, App (provide QR code for .apk)

2. Scan the QR code with "MIT AI2 Companion" on your mobile.

3. Install the app

4. Return to your home screen on your Android mobile and enjoy your Covid-19 App

5. If you like, you can also sell it on Google Play!

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