Hello everyone!

So today I’m going to show you how to carry out the pattern of the two-piece swimsuit

Here’s all you’ll need:

-Pattern paper




-Pattern :

***My Sewing Machine : Toyota Super Jeans J15
***About Me Prenom // Name: Trudy Age: 20

Step 1: The Top

First, start by folding your pattern paper in half so that you can copy the top of the basic pattern. The top must be complete because our final bikini will only have one shoulder. Nothing too complicated, just follow the lines. Think about putting some weight if your pattern paper slips or moves.

Then I draw a new line at 15 cm from line A. Check the scheme, so you can spot the lines. Then cut off your top. After you have put it flat, mark the middle of one of your shoulders and make another mark at 2.5 cm from either side of the first marking. The goal is to have a 5 cm wide shoulder.

From this, retrace the armhole. And sort of take off the other shoulder at the same time. I use my curved ruler for that. Make them with pencils first and then the marker once you’re sure. So in the worst case you will just have to erase. Don’t forget to indicate that it is the top front part of your bikini. Once you’ve done with it, repeat these same steps for the back.

Step 2: The Panties

Now, let’s move on to the bottom.This time, you do not need to fold your paper before copying the pantie. I wanted the panties to be a little more indented, that's why I shrink the curve of the thigh. So I make a mark at five centimetres from the waist before connecting it to the crotch. It's not an obligation just a desire. If you do not want to do it, do not do it. Once again indicate that it is the front of the panties and it’s on folds. Then do the same thing for the back of the panties this time.

Step 3: The Belt

Your last pencil stroke will be to trace the kind of belt that will cross the top. For this, I draw a straight line which is about 70 cm long. I know that it is long, but it better be too long rather than too short. Then I draw a perpendicular on both sides. You will have to draw a 7 cm segment on one of them and another 3 cm segment on the other one. Then draw a new line that joins the two ends. Here again we indicate that it is on the folds.

Step 4: Cut It!

Finally, the final step is to cut out your remaining parts. You should have a total of five pieces.

This is the end of this tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it!

-Trudy Limp