Hello everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to make a bikini or swimsuit.

I must confess that there are many more steps than usual but rest assured, nothing very difficult!

Here’s all you’ll need:

-Stretchy frabric


-Safety pins

-Elastic band



My Sewing Machine : Toyota Super Jeans J15

About Me Prenom // Name: Trudy Age: 20

Step 1: The Top

I know I usually show you the cutting part, but not this time because I forgot to take a picture of it. The only advice I have to give to you is that if your fabric is stretch enough you won’t need to add seam allowance.

Let’s tackle the top first. It’s the part that looks like a tank top but with only one shoulder. Connect front and back at the sides and shoulder. I am using my surger because I want something clean, with a professional looking. But if you don’t have it at home, that’s fine. You can do it with a regular sewing machine but please use zigzag stitches. I insist on this because stretchy fabric equals zigzag stitches! Once made, hem the collar, armhole and bottom. This time I use my sewing machine.

Step 2: The Belt

As you can see on the picture, the top has a kind of belt that ties to the waist. So first, you will need to start by sewing the two belts one above the other, right side kissing. But do not sew the ends at all.

Then, with your safety pin turn the belt inside out. You just need to attach it to a small piece of fabric and pass it Inside. And pull it through!

And now, you can finally close the belt by sewing both ends. If the belt isn’t flat you can top-stitched it down.

Your belt is finally ready, so you can connect it to the top.

Step 3: Fixing the Belt

Take your top and mark the middle of the sleeveless side with a pin. The head of the belt will have to be close to the pin. Then, sew over the side seam with straight stitches so that the new seam will be invisible. Rest assured this will not affect the elasticity of your bikini!

You’re finally done with the top so we’re moving on to panties.

Step 4: The Panties

The first thing you will need to do is sewing the back and the front together at the sides and the crotch before hemming them.

Then take your elastic band. You will have to close it by sewing the two ends together. The elastic band’s length is your waist circumference minus 5 cm. Using two pins, divide the elastic band into two equal parts. And each of the two pins will meet quite naturally one side. The elastic should be pin and sew against the wrong side of the panties. In order to hide the elastic band fold it inside and top-stitch it down.

And here’s your brand-new bikini ready to go.


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