Introduction: DIY Back to School Supplies

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Here are a few cute back to school DIY's. Please share your results and more ideas for more. Sorry if the emojis don't show up, they would probably be ??. Here we go.......

Step 1:

Step 2: Washi Tape Binder Clips

This is a very self explainable DIY, all you need is washi tape and a
binder clip. Tear the washi tape to the length of the clip and place the tape on the flat side. Repeat on other side.

Step 3: ??DIY Emoji Binder Tabs??



paper or card-stalk paper

patterned or plain paper

All you need to do is cut out your emojis and glue them on the right side of the paper (paper is in portrait). Glue so 1/3 is hanging off the paper. you can make as many as you want but you want to space them differently on the patterned paper. I start at the bottom and go up, I usually space them a cm apart.

Step 4: ☕Starbucks USB Drive☕


hot glue

large glue stick cap (you need to be able to fit the USB)

white paint/ brown paint

light brown and white paper

small printed Starbucks logo

white clay

USB drive

Take the glue stick cap and paint it white or wrap it in white paper. Put the USB in the glue cap (it is ok if the USB it too tall) Secure it with hot glue/ fill the whole cap. Paint the top of the glue brown so it looks like coffee. If your USB has a cap put it on. now take a small chunk of clay and stick it around the cap/ hard drive so there is an opening to put on top of the cup. Separately take more white clay and roll out a long snake like thingy.wrap around the cap like the frosting of a cupcake. This is the frosting. Finally take the brown paper and cut it so it wraps the cup. Make it about an half of an inch to an inch and glue it on the center. Finally take the Starbucks logo and center it on the brown paper, Glue it and voila!!

Step 5: ??Pineapple Pencil Sharpner??


yellow, black and green clay

miniature pencil sharpener

small dish

You will start be making the yellow clay into a rectangle or a cylinder (shape of a pineapple). Now make iceream cone marks or triangle facing down for the leaves/ hair/ whatever you call it. Next hollow out the clay from the bottom. In the top push in the mini pencil sharpener in the top (make sure you can still see the blade INSIDE the pineapple). The place where you put the pencil in the sharpener should be facing the top. Now lets make the green stuff of the pineapple. Take the green clay and make 4 weird palm tree leaves. Attach them around the pencil sharpener hole. For the face, make 2 small circles and a super small snake all with black clay. stick them preferably in the middle, or wherever. Finally put the small dish under the hollow side. There you go a finished pencil sharpener!!!