Introduction: DIY Backgrounds for Food Photography

A good background can make your photograph even better.

Step 1: Intro

Backgrounds are an essential item to have when you’re photographing food to tell the story. A background will only help accentuate your image. Th einly way it would hurt, it would be if your background had nothing to do with the food you are photographing. But any similar color schemes or contrast colors would look good if you’re not going for the whole story kind of vibe.

Step 2: Materials

What you will need is....
- A white card board
- Black & White paint
- A paint brush

Step 3:

Put both paint colors in separate bowls

Step 4:

Get both of the colors and started dabbing them onto the white card board.
Remember: Don’t use too much of the black paint because it will look too dark.

Step 5:

To get a marble look, leave some white spaces instead of covering it all with paint.

Step 6:

Keep following the steps until you get your background.