Introduction: DIY Bamboo Stick & Metal Embossed Vase


glass vase, golden foil, Acrylic colors , backer rod & wire Artificial stones,fomic sheet, crepe paper,Glue, thread,.

Step 1: Embossing of Golden Foil

This time i tried to make embossed vase .For this i used golden foil .Firstly draw the sketch on paper then draw the same sketch on golden foil with the help of embossing tool. When you turn the foil the sketch will appear as embossed . Now clear the embossed part with another tool .You have to do the same process many times ,like i did.

Step 2: Pasting & Coloring

I prepared the three pieces of foil sheet .Now paste them on glass vase with rubber adhesive. Now take black acrylic color and color the side part of the foil like i did. After drying the color i used artificial stone on my vase ,stick it with rubber adhesive .Decorative part is ready.

Step 3: Making of Bamboo Stick

For making of bamboo stick i used backer rod . Take wire and insert in backer rod ,rod should be hard for twisting . Now twist the rod like bamboo. For bamboo knot i used thick thread .Take Light & dark green acrylic color and yellow color too.With the help of dark green color ,color the stick in shading form .Now apply light green & yellow color. For the preparation of leaves i took green fomic sheet & crepe paper . Draw the leaf on it ,cut the leaves . Stick them on bamboo sticks .

Step 4: Final Pics of Vase

Here is the final pics of DIY bamboo stick & metal embossed vase . I made it for my bedroom decoration .It looks beautiful , you have to try it . If you like the video press thumbs up button ,share & subscribe .

Step 5:

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