Introduction: DIY Banner Coins Pouch

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This is a project that aims to inspire creative upcycling and sustainable fashion- two main tenets of our Biji-biji Fashion initiative. This pouch is made uniquely from discarded banners, which tackles the problem of waste and encourages the use of alternative materials in fashion products.

Why do we use banners? Because there's always plenty around and they are usually found in good quality, despite having been used before at events/shops.

How do we find banners? We work with event organizers and companies, who call us when they've got abundant banners with no more use and we gladly collect them to be upcycled. You too should be able to find discarded banners quite easily around you- get inquisitive and creative!

We find this banner pouch to be a great item to make because it is simple, multi-purposeful (can store anything from coins to cellphones) and anyone can use it. It's a nice little present to give away too and even better, why not make it into a cool and fun workshop with your kids and friends to get their creative upcycling juices flowing?

Step 1: What Materials Do We Need?

Kit includes:

- Discarded Banner

- Glue

- Adhesive glue

- Brush

- Snap button

- Button fastener snap pliers

Step 2: Preparing Your Designer Banner

Gather your discarded banners and choose your preferred design. There are no rules to this, so let your crazy ideas flow freely and work with what you've got. You just need one banner which is to be folded to make the pouch.

We've used this measurement : Height 8.5cm x Width 7.5cm but you are free to increase or decrease the size as you wish.

Step 3: Getting the Sides Rights

Once you've cut the top to make a distinct flap (can be just a semi-sphere shape as in the photo or triangular/zigzag-however funky you'd like it to be), you need to have an allowance for the sides and the bottom of half an inch at most, This will enhance the aesthetic of the pouch.

Step 4: Fold to Hold

Apply Adhesive glue with a brush on the allowance before folding the banner piece into half. Press firmly to ensure that the glue sticks properly. Its just like folding a piece of paper and gluing the side and bottom edges to get a paper bag!

Step 5: Making the Flap Seal

Make sure to mark the spot that you would like to apply the snap button (ideally in the middle of the flap, approximately one inch from the top). Then, using button fastener snap pliers, apply the snap button.

Step 6: The Pouch Is Ready

And there you go! Simple and quick to make, and it sure looks good too.

We had a great time making this pouch as part of a workshop at the Rainforest World Music Festival. It was a fun activity where we shared with the enthusiastic crowd how to make not just this pouch, but a portable ashtray pouch. If you'd like to have one, all you have to do is follow all the steps in this instructable and just include an extra lining of aluminium foil inside the pouch. With that, you can avoid littering your ash everywhere, and just flick into the pouch!

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