Introduction: DIY Bench Power Supply for Hobbyists

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Presented Here is a Bench Power supply designed for hobbyist from where you can get the power supply ranging from from 0-9v DC, 12v DC, 24v DC, and 24v AC.

In certain circuits we need power supplies like 12v DC, 9v Dc, 5v DC, 24v DC or 24v AC.

This power supply can give you all those powers.

BE SAFE as it deals with 230v AC Supply. If you are inexperienced please do not try this without any experienced person!!!

This powers supplies are very much required for making certain DIY projects.

I hope you will like it.


Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Wooden Cabinet

2. Various types of connectors

3.10k Trimpot

4. Transformers(According to need it will be described here as you go on)

5. MCB

6. Fuses

Step 2: 24 V AC Power Supply

We would start with 24 v AC power supply. Here it would convert 230v Ac to 24v Ac with the help of a Transformer.

The link to get the transformer:

Step 3: 12v DC and 24v DC

For getting 12v and 24v DC we use this transformer as shown in image. This is the step down transformer which converts 230v into 12v and 24v DC as per need.

Step 4: 9v DC Variable Supply

Use the step down transformer to convert 230v AC into 9v DC.

Use 10k Trimpot for Variable supply!!

Step 5: Connections

Wire the board according to your need and for LED Indication use 2k2 Resistor.You can use different pins for the output to be take. Just don't make it to complicated by using various Output Pins.

Step 6: Ready to Power

Now this power supply Unit is Ready to power your devices...

I hope you Like It...


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