Introduction: DIY Bloody Candles

Are you looking for a fabulous Halloween decoration to make for your home? Well you came to the right place! This is a fairly easy decoration to make and looks incredible in the end! I hope you have fun making my project and please vote for me in the Halloween contest! Thank you!

Step 1: Materials

For this project you are going to need 3 candles, any height of your choice (personally I chose two candles of the same height and one that is shorter, because of the stands I had). You are also going to need 5-6 red crayons, a Tupperware or silicone cup, and wax paper. If you want to get stands you can, I got mine at big lot for $25 for all three.

Step 2: Setup

Lay a sheet of wax paper, so if any crayon runs off the candle it doesn’t get on or ruin anything.

Step 3: Applying Blood to the Candle

Melt 3 of the crayons at a time in a Tupperware or silicone bowl for about 8 minutes or until fully melted. Then you want to pour the melted crayons onto a candle (make sure you pour the crayons on the candle right away, because the crayons will harden in the bowl). As you need you can reheat the crayons at anytime if they harden while making this candle.

Step 4: Final Touches

If you want you can purchase candle holders, I got mine at Big Lots. Otherwise you can just display them on your table. And enjoy you fabulous Halloween decor!

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