Introduction: DIY Book Safe

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I've been wanting to make one of these book safes for a while now. They are really easy to make just takes some time and makes a mess. When I say it takes time I mean that you are going to be cutting out the pages by hand. Changing out your blades when cutting will help you save time make better cuts on the pages. Also you are going to be gluing this so you will need to wait for that to dry. All in all in turned out pretty good. make sure you make you cuts straight down so you compartment doesn't get smaller as you cut dipper in your book. I added felt to make it look a lil nicer.

Can put this in high lighter safe

youll need plenty of these

Step 1: Tools and Supplies:


knife- cutting out pages

razor blade-cutting out pages

scissors-trimming pages

glue-holding the pages together

weights- holding pages glued together

brush-painting glue water mix on pages

bowl- mixing water with glue


book- want it deep-deeper the bettery

felt- making the cut out hole look better

wax paper- keeping glue from sticking to book

Step 2: Glue Pages Together:

Before I started cutting out the pages I glued the edges of the book together. To do this I used a white glue water mixture of five parts more glue than water. This will glue the pages yet leaving them white so it still shows the pages and looks like a real book. At first I was gonna ten pages or so not cut but decided to only leave the cover uncut. I used a brush to brush on the glue. I used wax paper that i placed in between the cover and the pages so that the cover did not stick to the glued pages. I used a battery that I set on the book to hold the pages tight together while the glue dried.

Step 3: Cut Pages Out of Book:

Once your glue has dried you can start cutting out your compartment. I cut my compartment where the text was on the page. This will leave you about a half in margine on the edges.I found this to be the best because you know if you see letter on the page your cutting you need to cut more so that you have straight down cut. I used a razor blade in pocket knife handle type. Make sure to change your blades often this will help with clean cuts and cut faster. This takes a little bit of time I did it while watching a couple episodes of tv. Cutting out the pages will make a mess but cleans up easy.

Step 4: Add Felt:

Before gluing down the felt I trimmed up the edges of the pages to make them even. I used white glue with just a little bit of water mixed with it. Then I used a brush and painted on the glue on in the compartment. I cut the felt before doing this to the size that fit good. Your going to want to find something to apply presure to felt to hold it down to the book.