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Introduction: DIY Bookmarks Tutorial

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What is already a book without bookmark? The next day I'm looking for the right page and the actual reading pleasure is back. Let us make a bookmark and give away to friends and our kids. These instructions can be extended and vary.

Step 1: How to Make Corner Bookmark (DIY Tutorial)

We review in the images below the steps to how to make easy & beautiful corner bookmark with cute arts for kids

You need to first bookmark:

  1. a pair of scissors
  2. face sticker
  3. color pencils
  4. a pencil
  5. glue

And just follow this tutorial steps in images, you can see more DIY bookmarks

Step 2: DIY Bookmarks Step 2

Step 3: DIY Bookmarks Step 3

Step 4: DIY Bookmarks Step 4

Step 5: DIY Bookmarks Step 5

Step 6: DIY Bookmarks Step 6

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    Nice. These look really cute. I am going to have to show this to my daughter.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks, I hope she likes it too ♥