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When it comes to buy someone a gift,well i am quiet a bit of selective and that demand is fulfilled by something handmade,something dedicated for that person.So, in the meanwhile i see another project coming ....

Well the whole project started just after i posted my instructable about my DIY Portable workstation which was a fluent success.That whole thing ended up so nicely that eventually my inbox got pondered with requests for buying such an organizer.Most of the requests were for the same kind of organizer but customized for crafting use.

One of the request was from my cousin who is quiet a bit into crafting stuff,making explosion boxes, card sheet albums etc.She is good at crafting, so she is always lined up with multiple orders and ending up messing up all her stuff throughout her room.So this crafting organizer is a handmade gift dedicated to one of the crafting girl out there!

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Thats quiet a bit of the story now lets get behind the scenes to built yourself a DIY CRAFting organizer!!!

Step 1: Tools,Materials and Stuff

As deep i am getting into DIY world i find it attractive to use as less tools as possible and being simple so that my projects will be doable for almost everyone.All the plywood pieces are cut done by using handsaw and a circular saw as a table saw. While the pipes were cut down using a miter saw so the i will be precise with the angled cut, well that can also be done using the handsaw,depending upon the level of skills you have got. The tools that i will be using in the built are listed below:

  1. A handsaw
  2. Drill machine
  3. circular saw (As table saw)
  4. Miter saw
  5. Gig saw
  6. Hot glue gun
  7. Varnish
  8. Lots and lots of CA glue (Jimsa)

The required materials can be easily available from your nearest hardware store so grab the following :

  1. 3mm red oak plywood sheet (4feet*8 feet) one sheet

  2. 2in,3in and 4in UPVC pipes (2 feet length each)
  3. Round headed chromed bolts.

Now its time to blend those tools and stuff to make some thing creative......

Step 2: Basic Design

The whole idea is based on my DIY portable workstation. Well this time the targeted stuff is lots and lots of crafting stuff and by that i means lots of sheets of paper in various sizes, scissors, glues paints,rulers , craft punches, and lots lots and lots of pens,glitters ,pencils etc.

The main body is made out of single sheet of 3mm plywood within which there are four sections on the rear side to store A4 sized paper sheets.Next to which is the elongated section for five drawers to store small stuff.Above the drawer section a holder is made to hold the scissors and cutters which is further divided into three sections.

Besides the main body i have used multiple pieces of UPVC pipe. On the left side i have attached a 4in pipe to act as a holder for hard sheets of card. on the right side,four pieces of pipe having an angle of 30 degree on both sides is attached.Still there is some space left on that side so we put a 2in pipe on that side so to hold some more gift paper sheets.

There are two metal holders glued to the rear side so that whole organizer can either be placed on a flat surface or can be hanged on the wall.

Step 3: Cutting All the Parts

With the design being finalized i have decided the dimension of the whole organizer which are as follows:

  • Height : 16inches
  • Width : 29inches
  • Depth : 6inches

The next step is to cut down all the pieces of plywood and pipe , so their dimensions and number of pieces are as follows:

Plywood pieces:

For main body:

  • 13in*24in (1 pcs)
  • 13in*19in (2 pcs)
  • 6in*13in (1 pcs)
  • 6in*16in (2 pcs)
  • 4.5in*2.4in (2 pcs)

  • 3in strip (The length of these stripes depends upon the shelving you are going to arrange your stuff )

For Drawers:

  • 4.5in*2.4in (10 pcs) front panel
  • 5.1in*2.4in (10 pcs) side panel
  • 5.2in*4.3in (5 pcs) base plates
  • 5.2in*4.5in (5pcs) drawer supports

Pipe pieces:

  • 4in dia * 13in length (1pcs)
  • 2in dia * 13in length (1pcs)

  • 3in dia *6in length (4 pcs) (30 degree angled on both sides)

Step 4: Making Drawers

Building the drawers is an ease while having all the pieces cut to
size they just need to glue together.First the front face is glued to the bottom.After that both side panels are glued which is the followed up by gluing the rear piece. After marking the front diagonal center point a round headed chromed bolt is glued. This bolt acts as the handle for the drawer giving it a unique look.

Step 5: Main Body

First i have built the main body of the organizer.The rear panel was glued to the base part and then followed by two more front sheets which then meets the side pieces to built the four dividers for the A4 sheets. After that the dividers are made for drawers.Later on i have glued the 3in stripes to the front face to hold the mostly used items.

Step 6: Staining the Drawers and Main Body

All the plywood parts i.e. the main body and the drawers were stained using wood varnish mixed with staining powder.First the drawers were stained and later on the main body giving the central body a classic look.

Step 7: Painting Pipes

All the pipes were painted using spray paints.The outer side is painted in white while the inner edges are painted with orange paint giving it a cool look. After that a stopper is placed at the bottom of each vertically placed pipe which is cut out of a single sheet of 3mm plywood.

Step 8: Gluing the Pipes

The 4in pipe is vertically glued to the left side by using hot glue gun which gives it a more firm hold then CA glue.On the right side four angled pipe holders are glued by using CA glue for a neat look while a 2in pipe is glued right behind these holders again using the hot glue guns.

Step 9: Organizing Up Everything

Finally after putting up everything together and finishing up the organizer we showed it to the person whom it belongs from now on.

We then put everything in place within the organizer. This organizer nicely managed to hold up almost everything she have got and in the end we still have two drawer left empty which will soon be filled with some upcoming stuff....

Well this sums up this weekend dedicated to all the craft lovers out there wishing them countless crafting hours while being neatly organized..... A handmade organizer specially designed for all of you ....

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