Introduction: DIY Carbon Tweeter Holder for Dashboard & Rear Deck


Materials and tools:

Carbon Fabric, glas fibre mat, 2 components filler, epoxy resin, clear coat, tweeter, plastic tweeter holder, paintbrush, flexible fabric, double sides adhesive tape, pencil, freezer bag, cup, bar to stir, disposable gloves, tape, knife, circle, screwdriver, driller, screws, screwdriver, jigsaw, sandpaper 180 grid, wetsandpaper 400 grid, string, cutter, cardboard, japan spatula, black mat paint, cutter, lighter, baking paper,

Step 1: The Base

Place double sided adhesive tape on your rear deck. Now cut 3 pieces carbon fabric 195g qm köper binding and one piece glasfibre mat 450g qm. Put 2 layer carbon in a freezer bag, one layer glasfibre and one layer carbon on top. Mix epoxy resin and pour a bit in the freezer bag and spread it. Now place the freezer bag on the adhesive tape on the rear deck and let it dry.

Place a few stripes tape and mark the center of your tweeter holder base. Now mark the size of your base with a circle. Drill a few small holes to screw the plastic tweeter holder on the base.

Step 2: The Tweeter Holder

Fix the plastic tweeter holder with small screws on the base and drill a hole in the middle for the tweeter cables. Now remove the plastic tweeter holder and cut the base out. Sand the edges from the baseplate with sandpaper 180 grid.

Screw the plastic tweeter holder to the base and wrap flexible fabric around it. Fix the fabric with a string on the back of the baseplate. Mix epoxy resin and brush the flexible fabric with the resin. Let it dry and after that cut of the excess fabric at the back of the baseplate. Sand the tweeter holders with sandpaper 180 grid.

Mix together 2 components filler and spatula the surface. Let it dry and smooth the surface with sandpaper.

Step 3: The Surface

Clean them and brush them with black mat. Mix epoxy resin and brush it on the tweeter holder when it is tacky place a matching piece carbon fabric. Fix the carbon around the edges with tape and let it dry.

Remove the tape and trim of the excess carbon tissue. Mix again epoxy resin and brush it on the edges. Wrap tape around the edges and let it dry. Now remove the tape and trim of the exess carbon on the back of the baseplate of your tweeter holder.

Step 4: The Finish

Mix epoxy resin and brush it on the carbon fabric. Remove bubbles with a lighter and let the holder dry. When the epoxy is dry, cut the front of the holder open for the tweeter. Smooth the tweeter holder with sandpaper 180 grid and clean them.

Mix epoxy and brush them again. When the epoxy is dry, smooth the tweeter holder with wet sandpaper 400 grid and brush them with clear coat. Sand them about 3 times with wet sandpaper, clean them and brush them after it with clear coat.

Let them dry about 1 day. Drill holes in the rear deck for the tweeter cables. Fix the tweeter holder with screw on the rear deck. Now place the tweeter in the holder and wire them.

Now enjoy your carbon tweeter holder and look at my other work.