DIY Cardboard Boomerang!

Introduction: DIY Cardboard Boomerang!

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Required supplies:

1. A large piece of carboard,

2. A nice, big, sharp pair of scissors,

3. A pen, preferably ballpoint,

4. A large piece of paper,

5. Markers, (Optional)

6. And lots of tape!

Step 1: Drawing and Measuring

We will be making two parts for this boomerang but you are welcome to make more if you want to.

The first thing you need to do is use your paper to make two marks on the piece of cardboard. Try to keep the paper as straight as possible.

Step 2: The Other Side

Make the same mark on the other side. Then make a mark about 1 inch high above the far left dot on the cardboard and your paper and then use this mark to do the same thing with the bottom dot..

Step 3: The Diagonal Mark

Turn you cardboard slightly clockwise and then use the inch mark on your paper that you just made to make a final dot diagonally from the top right dot.

Sorry about the quality of the photo there.

Step 4: More Dots!

Turn your paper a little more than 190* clockwise. Now mark two dots each one inch from your far bottom left dot.

Now lift up your paper and turn your cardboard back to how it was originally.

Step 5: Round It Up

Find a small, circular object that fits between your two bottom dots and draw a semi-circle in-between them.

Step 6: Lines

Now draw two lines of the same length from the bottom two dots upward using your paper as a straight edge and mark their lengths on your paper.

Step 7: More Rounding!

Draw a line from your lower left dot using the mark you made with the other lines. Now use the same circular object to make a semi-circle in the inside of your boomerang.

Step 8: Almost Done!

Use the circular object to make another semi circle and then draw another line using the mark you made with the other lines.

Step 9: The Final Piece!

The last thing you have to do for this part is draw a curved line in-between your lines. (See picture)

Step 10: The Second Part!

Repeat these steps to make a second part.

Step 11: Cutting

Use your scissors to cut out both boomerangs and label them X and Z.

Step 12: Marking and Shaping

On both boomerang pieces mark along the left edge and the bottom right edge. (See picture) Now crease downwards along the marked edges.

Step 13: Taping and Coloring

Tape your pieces together and trim the edges. Congratulations! Now all that's left is coloring and customizing your very own boomerang!

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