DIY Casey Neistat Glasses




Introduction: DIY Casey Neistat Glasses

Turn your old boring glasses into perfect Casey Neistat Replicas .

Step 1: Materials

You will need

All black sun glasses, I used some old ones I found laying around my house

White Spray paint. Ideally you want to use primer but if you cant get it use Flat white paint

A Box cutter knife . You only need this if you have any metal on the sides, such as logos

A popsicle stick , large or small

And lastly painter tape

This should all cost you about 16 dollars

Step 2: Procedure

The procedure is pretty easy and it only takes a couple of hours.

First, tape the back side of your lenses so that they don't get paint on them. That is the only place you don't want to get paint on. Next place your glasses on a flat surface and start painting. You want the front to be uneven and dripping, but the sides should be even and smooth. Once everywhere is covered , leave your glasses in a dry cool area. When the paint dries take a Popsicle stick and uses it to scrap of chunks of the paint. To replicate Casey's glasses you need to leave a thing layer at the edge of the lenses. As for everywhere else, you should take of the vast majority of the paint.

Step 3: Finish

And thats how you make your very own Casey Neistat Glasses. Thanks for reading!

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    10 months ago on Introduction

    thanks for this but i have to add that it's downright distracting that there are so very many errors from your dictated instructions. if you're going to bother to make a post, why not spend another 30 seconds to re-read what you've got?