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Introduction: DIY Circuit Activty Board With Paperclips | MAKER | STEM

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With this project you can change the path of the electric current to run through different sensors. With this design you can switch between lighting a Blue LED or activating a Buzzer. You also have the choice of using a Light Dependent Resistor with the LED or Buzzer.

Step 1: Project Video

You can be creative and design your own circuit and add different sensors (other LEDs...). The idea here is to use thumbtack and paperclips as your wire.

Step 2: Materials

Buzzer -



3 Volt Button Cell Battery

Resistor -

Capacitor -

Transistor -

Paperclips -

Soldering Tools -


Step 3: Schematic and PCB

You can get the circuit diagram from the address below. You can easily order this board if you want.

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