Introduction: DIY Clothes Peg Cable Tidy

This is a creative and tidy way to keep your headphones from getting tangled. This is an idea I got from Buzzfeed.

Step 1: Decorate

You need to clothes pins for this project. You can use tape or paint, but I wouldn't use maker because it bleeds over the wood causing your design to look fuzzy. You have to decorate the flat ends of the pins, but make sure that when you glue the pins together that they face opposite directions.

Step 2: Step 2: Stick Them Together

You need to glue the non decorated sides together. Make sure your pins are facing opposite directions.

Step 3: Put Your Headphones in the Clip

Put your head jack in the first clip and then wrap the loose wire though the two clips. Once you have wrapped up all the loose wire, clip the earbuds in the bottom clip.

Step 4: Ta-da!

This is what your finished product should look like in the end. Enjoy it and I hope it is useful to you.

Step 5: