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Introduction: DIY Coffee Table

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How to create a fancy coffee table from a cardboard box?

Easy! You will need:

- 1 big cardboard box (I used the one from the sound bar set)

- 1 cheap flat bed sheet (color, fabric and motif as you prefer; I choose red)

- 1 hot glue gun with glue stick

- some twine (the thicker, the better: will save your time)

- scissor

- 1 meter

- tape

- gloves (to use when gluing with the hot glue to avoid to burn your fingertips)

Step 1: Step by Step

1- Fill the box

Fill the box with recycled cardboard, paper, anything you can use to fill the sapce inside and avoid the box to collapse if you put something on it. Try to made it resistant enough to do the job of a caffe table but do not overload with heavy stuffing otherwise will be a nightmare to manage to rotate it during the crafting.

2- Close the box

Close the box with some tape and be sure there is no failure in the structure.

3 - Cut the fabric

Cut from the bed sheet four piece of fabric of different size.

A) two pieces need to be tight and long to create the decoration in the middle of the box. Ideally you should consider the 2 dimension 1- from the bottom to the 2/3 of the box and 2- of the circumference of the box. Important: the long sides of this big rectangle will be not uniform, but try to create like battlements. They will give more grip to the twine, ensuring also a better adherence.

B) two pieces to cover the upper part of the box. Cut them considering how much you want to cover by fabric and how much with twine.

C) Iron the fabric to get rid of any wrinkles.

4 - Glue the fabric on the central part of the box.

Glue one layer ate the time. Using the hot glue and take care do not burn yourself, glue the two layer of fabric around the box. Wear some kind of thick plastic gloves to avoid to get burned. It si not as much dangerous as it sound but it is not a pleasant sensation, the gloves will reduce the pain felt.

I used two layers to avoid to see in transparency the commercial writing.

5 - Glue the twine on the bottom
Using the hot glue gun start to attach the twine around the box, starting from the bottom and cover the amount you like. I cover 1/4 of the box.Try to be as more precise as possible to avoid spaces between lines of twine.

Stop with covering with twine when the bottom "battlements" are no more visible and the fabric is uniform.

Step 2: Upper Part

6 - Glue the two fabric layers on the top.

Be careful to avoid wrinkling on the surface during this stage. Glue one layer at the time. Folding the fabric surplus on the shot side of the box like if you are wrapping a Xmas present.

Step 3: Gluing Gluing

7 - Glue the twine around the box

As done previously using the hot glue cover the box with spires of twine until you cover the space free of fabric. I have done a smaller layer on the top part but you can do it as thicker as you want.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Coffee Table


Enjoy your coffee table and watch out to not make any stain on it while eating in from of the Tv.

It took me a while to finish this project as the twine I choose was damn too thin but you can save some time by buying a thicker cord.

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    5 years ago

    That's a great cost effective way to make one :)