Introduction: DIY Color Changing Light Up Party Glasses

These are the color changing glasses that I made for Makerfaire a couple of months ago, they use only 2 parts and 3 AA batteries.

Step 1: Supplies

-Color Changing LEDs, AA battery pack (from

-3D movie glasses or other scrap glasses

-some extra wire (optional but recommended)

Step 2: Tools

-Hot glue gun

-Black tape

-wire strippers

-solder iron

-wire cutters

Step 3: Step 1: Starting/Finishing the Lights

1. find the center of the string of lights by pinching the first and last light together and running your other hand along the string until you make a fold or crease in the center of the string.

2. glue the lights so that the crease you made is in the center of the nose piece.

3. take one half of the lights and glue them on the frame around one of the lenses one at a time until you run out of lights

4. repeat part 3 with the other half of the lights around the other lens.

5. (OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED) cut the lights from the battery pack about halfway in between the first light and the battery pack and solder more wire in between so that the battery pack will reach to your pocket. (MAKE SURE THAT YOU SOLDER THE WIRES ON THE CORRECT WAY OR ELSE THEY WILL SHORT OUT)

Note: you may have to scrape the coating off of the wires in order to solder to them.

Step 4: Step 2: Finishing Touches

1. Put a layer of black tape around the edge of the inside of each lens so that the lights do not blind you.

2. put some batteries in the pack and switch it on.


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