Introduction: DIY Concrete Candle Holder

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What inspired me?

Well, I love obscure, weird and impractical materials such as concrete while incorporating the material into a project where its features, properties and function isn't required. I love concrete as its such an industrial material and has a very smooth finish.

What will you need?

- Rubber gloves

- Cement or concrete mix

- Sand

- Water

- Mixing bucket

- Balloon

Step 1: Making the Mould

Step one - Making the mould

The mould consist of just a single balloon. I guess you can use any type of balloon. And I guess you could use any size as you apply concrete. Another thing you could do is use modroc and bandages to make a cast, then cast concrete that way.

Blow the balloon up to what ever size you rush. I blew mine up so it was about 20cm in diameter. This meant it was easier to work with.

Step 2: Mixing the Concrete

Step two - Mixing the Concrete

Before you mix in the sand with the cement and water, it's best to mix the cement and the water. First, place the cement mix in the container. Add about 20ml of the water in small intervals, this will allow you to ensure you dont make any errors.

Its now time to add the sand. Never put in all of the water in one go. You will need to add about 100g then stir. Complete this step until the mix becomes like cookie dough. If you add too much or too little you will end up with a weak mix.

Step 3: Adding the Concrete

Step three - Adding the concrete

Place the gloves over your hand and reach in to get a hand full of concrete. Place this lump onto the top of the balloon. Evenly spread the concrete mixture over the balloon. Its up to you how much you put on. When the concrete begins to pour of the sides, just gently push up with your fingers.

When the concrete has set (this will take about 2 days to cure, but takes 28 days until the concrete has reached its full strength). Pop the balloon with a sharp implement such as a pin or nail.

Now, you can use it and show it off. Always remember to show people!

Step 4: Finished!


Thank you so much for reading this Instructable, even if you clicked onto the by accident thank you. Every view counts. I love these mini projects as it gives you people, my viewers a quick and simple project to try at home, please feel free to comment, follow and favourite for more amazing Summer DIY projects like this one.

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