DIY Concrete Sound Diffusers

Introduction: DIY Concrete Sound Diffusers

About: Photonics Engineer

I made this small modular diffusers for my bedroom, they ended up workig great! And look awesome too!

If you want to try make some by your own you cand do it, it is a time consumming process but worth it!

All the .stl files are free and if you dont have a 3D printer I can send you a few molds for a small pricing.

Step 1: Molds

This molds are ment to be used with plaster or concrete, other material might damage the PLA, this is an example f how I use them, with a rubber band to make the three pieces bond together.

Step 2: STL Files

Those are the .stl files that you will need, I recommend that you use at least a 0.20mm layer height and at least 3 top solid layers, other than that the other parameters doesnt affect that much the end result

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