DIY Creepy Halloween Orbs

Introduction: DIY Creepy Halloween Orbs

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DIY Instructions On How To Make A Creepy Halloween Decorations

Step 1: Materials

1.) Light Bulb

2.) Some type of red liquid Examples Humming Bird Feeder, Fake Blood, ECT

3.) Needle Nose Pliers (Or Something That Can Grip The End Of The Light Bulb)

4.) Hot Glue Gun And Glue


6.) Battery

7.) Tape

8.) LED (Red)

9.) Something Narrow And Sharp

10.) Flat Head (Small)

Step 2: Before We Start Here Is a Diagram I Will Be Referring to in This Fun Project

Step 3: Step 1 : Removing the EFC

Flip the light bulb upside down on a soft surface or prop it up with a role of tape like I did to reveal the light bulbs Electrical foot contact use the pliers to peel of the contact

Step 4: Step 2 : Breaking the Insulation Layer

Next use something sharp and narrow to pierce through the insulation layer and then use the needle nose pliers to fish the job in removing the insulation layer (Black Inner Rim Surrounding The EFC)

Step 5: Step 3: Breaking the Filament and Glass Mount

Use your flat head to break the filament by pressing firmly against it don't use to much force or it will break the entire bulb 

Step 6: Step 4 : Removing the Broken Filament

Use the needle nose pliers to remove the filament be sure to break as much glass as possible from the glass mount or it will be extremely difficult to remove

Step 7: Step 5 : (OPTIONAL) If You Have a White Bulb

Simple wash the light bulb out with soap and water it will then take of the white coat making it clear

Step 8: Step 6: MORE BLOOD PLEASE!!!

Poor your creepy blood or hummingbird feeder liquid into the bulb almost all the way to the top

Step 9: Step 7: Making the Light

Use a Magnet And two button cell batteries or other small batteries then but the positive lead on of the led on the positive terminal of the battery then but the negative on the negative side glue it together and tape it up make sure to super glue the leads of the led to make it water resistant

Step 10: Step 8: Sealing the Gap

Simple PLace The LED into the Bulb and apply a lot of super glue and  make sure there are no gaps then wrap it in tape 


Place into the ground and you now have your creepy light bulb orb

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