DIY Custom 3D Paper Pop-ups Using SketchUp




Introduction: DIY Custom 3D Paper Pop-ups Using SketchUp

This is an easy craft that you can make by yourself (if you have a laser cutter). It's an easy design and can be transferred to the laser cutting software effortlessly. Make sure you are in millimeter scaling.

Step 1: Make the Paper Size

first, make a square 140mm by 210mm, and then make another one by the same dimensions standing vertically, touching the edge of the other square like shown in picture.

Step 2: Design the Cutout.

Draw lines on the vertical paper to how you want your 3D pop-up to look like in 2D like shown. Then use the push/pull tool to pull the 2D shape into 3D also shown.

Step 3: Scale

Use the Scale tool to lengthen the front and the top by 1.41 each.

Step 4: Turn

Using the Select tool select the whole pop-up. then use Rotate to turn it 45 degrees.

Step 5: Perspective Change

use the top view in the scenes in the right side panel. then change it to parallel projection.

Step 6: DFX Extension

make sure you have the Sketchup SKP to DXF extension (link to extension website). then install it into SketchUp and export the pop-up into your files.

Step 7: Laser Cut

import the DXF you just took from SketchUp into a laser cutting software. making sure the bottom of the pop-up is situated right; make all of the horizontal lines dotted or folds and all of the vertical lines cuts. Cut. Fold. Enjoy.

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