Here we are going to take a look how to make mini DSLR cam. Using box, bottle cap, tablet cover,etc. Hope you will enjoy this project.


Step 1: To Create Main Camera Body

To create a main camera body first of all take a empty matchbox. Now cover the whole box with a white paper. Make sure that the paper is totally wrapped all over the box.
Now take the tablet cover and cut one of the tablet mould and use it as your camera button. Now stick that tablet mould at the exact place where camera button is located.
With the help of marker draw circle at a right hand side on the surface of a matchbox where the lens is attached to the camera.

Step 2: To Create Movable Lens of Camera.

Take a bottle, now with the help of marker mark around the neck of a bottle. with the help of cutter cut the bottle from the marked portion.

Step 3: To Do Some Detailing With the Parts of a Lens.

Again with the help of cutter cut out the part in circle on the box. Now with the help of a gum fix the neck of the bottle inside that hole. Take the cap of a bottle and cover it with the help of a white paper.

Step 4: Drawing Details on Box and Colouring.

draw the details on the camera such as its buttons, screen, slot for memory card, etc.Colour the whole box with black colour. Colour it in such a way that it must look like a real camera. Decorate colour paper strip and stick it to the top of the lens at its edge.
Finally, now your mini DSLR camera is ready!!!