Introduction: DIY Decorative Basket

This basket will get all your friends asking where you bought it! For a fraction of the cost of an actual designer decorative basket, this DIY decorative basket is easy to make and a great decorative piece for any home. Choose from a wide range of fabrics and the basket size of your choice to make this project as unique as you are. With Easter right around the corner, this basket can also serve as a cute basket to hold eggs during the egg hunt!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

  • Plastic Basket (size of your choice)
  • Fabric - Based on the size of your basket, you will need enough fabric to comfortably fit the length, width, and depth of your basket
  • Hot glue gun
  • Full pack of glue sticks (you will use many!)
  • One roll of rope or twine - Need at least 50 feet
  • Scissors
  • Paper towel (optional)

Step 2: Plug in the Hot Glue Gun

  • Plug your hot glue gun into the outlet to allow enough time for it to heat up (around 3-5 minutes). To avoid the glue dripping onto the table, place the glue gun on a paper towel.
  • **Warning: the glue gun gets very hot, do not touch the metal nozzle!
  • Never used a hot glue gun before? No problem! Check out this short video:

Step 3: Preparing to Glue the Fabric

  • Ensure that the fabric can line the inside of the basket (the fabric should touch each corner inside the basket) and drapes over the top of the bin.
  • If there is an excess amount of fabric, cut the fabric so that there is about 1-2 inches hanging around the edge of the bin. Do not cut off too much!

Step 4: Gluing the Fabric - Bottom of Basket

  • Once you have measured your fabric correctly, begin gluing the fabric to the inside of the basket.
  • At the bottom of the basket, place drops of hot glue and attach the fabric to the basket. Start from the middle and expand from there. Only do 1-2 at a time so that the hot glue does not dry before you attach the fabric.
  • **Warning: When gluing be careful of the heat when pushing the fabric down.

Step 5: Continue Gluing

  • Once you have lined the bottom, continue to glue the fabric to the sides, top, and outside edges along the rim of the basket.
  • Continue this process until the fabric is adequately attached to the basket and the fabric does not move easily.

Step 6: Preparing to Glue the Rope

  • First, check that you have enough rope to cover the outside of the basket.

Step 7: Gluing the First Layer

  • Start at the top of the basket and glue the rope to the fabric that is attached to the outside of the basket. Ensure that the rope is tight to the rim and glue around the perimeter of the basket.

Step 8: Gluing the Rope

  • Once you have glued the first layer, continue to wrap it around the bin. Hold the rope in place in order for the glue to dry. You will need to glue the rope down every inch or less so that the rope does not fall.

  • **Tip: Let the glue cool off for about 15-30 seconds until touching it!

Step 9: Finishing the Gluing

  • Continue this process until you have covered the entire outside of the basket in rope. If you have excess rope at the bottom, you can cut the rope or continue onto the bottom of the basket.
  • Enjoy your decorative basket!